Many studies have shown that people eventually give up on their dreams and resign themselves to a life that is less glamorous or grandiose than what they expected. This happens for many reasons but mainly it is because “life keeps getting in the way”; this can be translated into a variety of meanings. Some of which involve family issues, financial problems, political interventions, and a whole spectrum of things that can intercede with one’s achievement of his/ her goal.

An article that can be found here suggests in detail the eight main reasons why people give up on their dreams. But I would like to focus on the main issue that is presented when one cannot fulfil their dreams: money.

We live in a society that runs on money. Americans actually have a saying that goes “money makes the world go round”. Society gives so much importance to money that the main reason people give up un their childhood dreams is because their chosen career does not earn them enough money. Sadly, people now relate happiness with the number on their bank account and how easier your life is if that number is large enough.

That is probably the most heartbreaking reality of all. Dreams are shattered because of something as basic as money. This is why we should start teaching the value of experiences over the value of currency. Focus dreams on something that goes beyond financial commodity.


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