We have all heard at some point in our lives about the legendary “key to success” or “recipe for success”. This idea suggests that there is one specific way to succeed and one must follow these instructions step by step in order to guarantee happiness, or, despite the redundancy, achieve success.

However, as I pointed out before, this recipe is a myth and at best it’s a vague set of guidelines that claim to be incredibly useful. The idea of a “recipe” has been around for as long as “The American Dream” and we have all been struggling to find the supposed key ever since.

How has this idea affected the new generations? Is it right to teach this idea?

Telling children that there is a surefire way to achieve your dreams would be telling them a blunt faced lie. In reality, many people do not succeed in achieving their dreams because they give up after realising that following the steps was not enough. Hence, we end up in a society full of unsatisfied people who don’t dare to dream. This is because people tend to tell children that the only way they’re going to achieve their dreams is by following these instructions:

  • Get good grades in school
  • Get into college
  • Get a job
  • Have a family

Instead of convincing the youngsters that there is one definite way of achieving success, it would be wiser to teach them about perseverance, and that what makes one person happy does not necessarily apply to them. There is more than one way of achieving success and success comes in different forms for everybody.

In short, there is no recipe or key so stop looking for it. Instead, we should teach kids to live instead of hammering an empty idea into their heads.


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