Tsotsi is a 2005 South African film, one of the few which show the reality of its country by a director born in the same country. The film follows a young man named Tsotsi, who after stealing a woman’s car notices there is a baby inside. After crashing the car, Tsotsi carries the baby home and decides to raze it as his own.

At first we see Tsotsi as some one who’s dream is to become a gangster, rule and have power over other, but as he spends time with the infant one can see how he reflects him self on the child. Orphan since a very young age, Tsotsi grew up in the street, with out help from others he became stronger and colder, having nearly no concern for others and intending only to inspire fear in the rest. Although this reality made him tough he soon shows the audience he has no desire in passing this towards the child, he encounters a young single mother who can help feed and watch for the baby, giving the infant what Tsotsi never had.

As the relationship between the young mother and Tsotsi moves forward he opens more about his past and is encouraged to face his own nature and past.


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