The power and amount of energy invested in actions with definite goal ahead also affect the individual’s behavior. Power is usually related with confidence, and the way people make use of it defines the way they approach their main goals in life. Hence, behavior seems conditions by the way society pushes and limits oneself into achieving something, whatever that is. Then there is self-confidence as well, the way one is able to have feedback from their peers and neighbors of even friends and family are part of the motifs of seeking a dream without hesitations.

According to two studies (one with Asian and US scholars, while the second one, instead of Asian, asked African American scholars), skin tone is a physical characteristic that adheres to power and remits; therefore, to a social self-esteem range by which people guide them to prove differently to society. The way people can overcome with different and numerous obstacles had straight relation with their skin color, empowering them enough and finally encouraging them to give their selves away to their dreams and goals.

This derives into life expectancies. The lower the self-esteem, then the less power they believe they have to change their lives and natural course of fate; therefore, the scenario suddenly comes to be more pessimistic and full of doubts. These have great repercussion in a previously set plan to achieve things, since they make one believe it is not enough. Whether you make great efforts, there is never going to be e chance. In part this can be positive as it prepares people for frustration and maybe make them able to live with that intense emotional responsibility, or it can make you believe society has no positive tools and things to celebrate with no since you are not rising your life expectancies.

The image of things come to be very important in terms of publicity, but in goals, the way we think of ourselves out there in the world competing with others to achieve something has a crucial role in our behavior. Is the physical face of something we are or will be dealing with, makes us understand better the importance of what we are striking for. The way standards can be broken and overcome is through self-esteem and better self-confidence than the one African Americans admitted.



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