It is not new the fact that people set themselves goals not only from personal interest, but have a great influence from what social goals are and have been like. The way people loose their capacity for choosing what is best for them only seems to be unclear, and instead, people worry about what the persona sitting beside choses. Many have used the “American Dream” as life reference to guide their goals and actions towards something they would or should like to achieve. The problem though, is the inevitable cross-cultural difference, which defines the entire process and goals in the first place.

Selfish people think for themselves and their own sake in life; therefore, shared opinions are not admitted. This can be either positive or negative. Positive because one’s truest dreams can be achieved and may turn out real because they are close-minded enough to seek them no matter what, without letting a negative gap open. Then there are people, not completely but mostly, contrary to the previously described who let themselves be guided by people who have had enough experiences of either winning something or failing during the action. Those earning experiences tend to fulfill people in a better way because it empowers them to continue or set themselves higher goals.

We, humans, are social animals; therefore, we depend and rely on our partners or peers to either compete or help each other when necessary. The objective and indirect purpose is to belong, the feeling of belonging makes people act in a certain way. The reason then, for Indians to point out their goals as shared with their parents, is because they accept there is a more mature voice of experience that has been through different situations allowing them to know better. The problem though, is people who are very insecure tend to do this by refuging in their relatives or siblings because it is easier, and therefore, let they be absolutely blind about any decision-making situation.

Overall, people like to be and feel part of something or social group, but when coming to goals they can turn either too individualistic or too dependent. Extreme opposite sides have never been considered as good point reference, nevertheless, people cannot leave with either competition or sane company from a peer or other self-being.


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