Pak Chan-uk’s film Oldboy is the second part of a vengeance themed trilogy. It follows the story of a man named Oh Dae-Su, who’s desire of revenge blindes him from seeing the truth. After being locked inside of a room for fifteen years, Dae-Su is given the option to kill the man who imprisoned him only if he can discover the reason why someone wanted to torture him in this way. Without any hesitation Dae-Su follows his captors lead to take revenge upon him, without noticing the tramp into which he was being led in to.

The film, among many other things, touches the idea of being blinded by ones objective. In the case of Oh Dae-Su, his desire for vengeance is so strong that his captor has made him fall in love for his daughter, which he has not seen in fifteen years and barely remembers. After achieving revenge but understanding the horrible truth Dae-Su punishes him self in an Oedipus way cutting his own tongue. Although instead of leading him self in an actual exile he decides to find a way of forgetting the truth, accepting his defeat and the mistake which was made by blinding himself with rage.


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